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Isle of Bali “Wild” Vanilla Beans

Zazou are the sole distributors of this incredible Vanilla that is having an amazing reaction here in the UK.  Clare Smyth, Jonas Planger and Alex Dilling are just a few who are loving the flavour of these beans.  

Papua New Guinea Vanilla Beans

The same genus as the mighty Tahitian. These beans are not as plump as the Tahitian but carry the same wonderful oaky, floral and rich flavour.  They have a beautiful oily casing making it perfect for infusing even after you have scraped out their delicious caviar! 15-16cm in length and a moisture content of 25-30%. 

Gourmet Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans 13cm

Shorter and drier than our Premium Vanilla. These pods are perfectly suitable for cooking, extract making and infusing at home.  They are still malleable and supple with a high seed and vanillin content.  

Premium Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans 20cm

Our finest 20cm Madagascan Vanilla Beans. Left to ripen further on the vine and reach full maturity creating a strong Vanillin content and beautiful flavour. I Available in 100g and 250g sizes. All kilo sizes are packaged in 250g increments so your Vanilla stays fresh! This is the best Vanilla in the UK.