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Pure Tahitian Extract

A magical extract from Alain Abel.  Ingredients: 100% Tahitian Vanilla Beans and a sugar syrup… no artificial, flavours, colours or preservatives   Available in 1 Litre and 100ml sizes. 

Mexican Vanilla Beans

The country of origin for all Vanilla Beans!  Before it was introduced to Europe by the Spanish Conquistadors, it was used by the Mayans to flavour their chocolate drink for warriors and nobles known as “Xocoatl” The  Melipona Bee native to Mexico, was the only insect that could pollinate the orchid, henceforth when the Spanish tried …

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The Collection

  Weekend Special Offer! The Brand New Vanilla Extract 118ml bottle! 2 Madagascar Vanilla Beans   310g Paste Bottle.    The Zazou Collection on offer this weekend!       

Island of Bali Organic Wild Vanilla

We are very excited to introduce this wonderful new planifolia Vanilla from the Island of Bali.    This is “Wild” Vanilla foraged by the indegenous forest communities. The apporach revives the tradition of forest gardening which causes no deforestation and clearing land for agriculture. This Vanilla is grown on naturally regenerating forest and provides an …

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Grade A Tahitian Vanilla Beans

Beautiful Tahitian Vanilla! Some might say the creme de la creme of Vanilla. Used by Bettina Kraus of the Ledbury and Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester. 14+ cm long with a much higher moisture content than other Vanilla, around 50%-55%You can visibly see the plumpness and juicyness with an incredible seed content. Ample amounts of …

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Grade A Ugandan Vanilla 15-18cm

Here we have our beautiful Grade A Ugandan Vanilla Beans.Plump and moist with an earthy, chocolatey aroma.These pods produce a wonderful bold flavour that makes them perfect for rich desserts and chocolate.A magical spice that comes vac packed for you to use in your up and coming kitchen creations.

Isle of Bali “Wild” Vanilla Beans

Zazou are the sole distributors of this incredible Vanilla that is having an amazing reaction here in the UK.  Clare Smyth, Jonas Planger and Alex Dilling are just a few who are loving the flavour of these beans.