Wild Bali Vanilla

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For the past 2 years we have been working with an incredible co-operative in West Bali National Park. Through holistic farming approaches, a state of the art curing facility and most importantly the 215 dedicated farmers of the West Bali Co-Operative, the vanilla being produced is bringing exquisite, complex flavours to chefs here in the UK.
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Using a diverse range of tutor trees and reviving indigenous forest garden techniques. The cultivation areas within the beautiful  forest of West Bali National Park remain protected  while safeguarding habitats and restoring precious ecosystems. It is also providing vital alternative livelihoods to the local forest community and increasing their resilience to climate change.

Bali has a rich history of vanilla production, once dominating even Madagascar as a sought-after origin. However, over the past two decades, what was missing was a local curing facility dedicated to the traditional bourbon method. Rushed sun drying and industrial shortcuts had taken over. The co-operative we work with in collaboration with visionary local partners, has birthed a best-in-class curing facility adhering faithfully to the traditional bourbon curing process, while infusing modern precision adaptations.

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Wild Bali Vanilla

This Vanilla is just spectacular. Check it out on our store! If you are a chef and would like to get  some samples, drop us a line and we'll send them out to you.