Who we are

Zazou Emporium was born from the creative passion and inspiration of husband and wife team, Vince and Sara Sullivan.

A musical background

Vince began with a successful career in the music business. His trombone can be heard on several Haircut 100 tracks, those of Paul McCartney , Alison Moyet and The Pasadenas.

He then moved on to work in his wife’s family restaurant and wholesale business, growing the business and finally selling it in 2008.

A Thrilla in Vanilla was born

Come 2011, Vince and Sara began trading vanilla and that is where they are today. Life is now all about ‘the thrilla in vanilla’!

Loving what they do, the people that they meet and the many different countries that they journey to, they now trade extensively within the U.K whilst also supplying the Irish catering industry.

When they began, their goal was to source and supply ethically sourced vanilla pods of the highest quality and that is exactly what they are doing. Harry Sullivan is the latest addition to the team heading up online sales and marketing.

If you are a chef, involved in any form of catering or a wholesaler, get in touch with Vince and Sara today to buy vanilla beans. Whatever type of pod you are looking for, this dynamic duo in the world of vanilla will find it for you. Not only will the source be fully identifiable and ethical but you will also receive full assurance that the vanilla being provided is of the purest quality.