Testimonials from the fantastic Chefs we work with

We've had the honor of working with some of the top chefs from around the world. Here's what they have to say about us.

Thibault Marchand

Thibault Marchand, Pastry Chef, Winner Bake Off The Professionals.

"I am a greedy and generous person, so for me using Zazou Vanilla suits me perfectly because they are both generous in aromas and taste, they have round notes, some fatter than others. Others have a more pronounced scent, each of them are different.

It is a pleasure to work with the different Vanillas because I use them all in various applications such as jams, mousse, confit, ganache etc. My favourite recipe is Vanilla rice pudding. This is the dessert of my childhood, which still gives me great pleasure to taste it, however as I grow up I adapt it in my own way.

In addition, vanilla, with its roundness, breaks the acidic side of certain fruits, this brings a special touch. Moreover Vanilla is an exceptional product and with Zazou Emporium you can appreciate the quality of all origins.

When I create a dessert I love when the tastes are distinct and you can appreciate the flavours of the chosen ingredient. With Zazou Emporium Vanilla I am like a child every time. I smell and scratch the Vanilla pods and am amazed by the different aromas coming from each Origin. It's amazing!"

Claude Bosi , Owner/executive chef Bibendum

"We have been using Zazou Emporium Vanilla for the past 18 months and it has been great. It has the intense flavour and aroma that is unique and there is a great variety in the range. Most importantly, using this incredible Vanilla, I can always be sure to get the consistency I need. "

Claude Bosi
Thomas Leatherbarrow (1)

Thomas Leatherbarrow, Culinary Director at The Consultant

"Over the last 10 years in the hospitality and food industry, I have had the chance to use a vast range of vanilla products to which I had thought I had found the best. Then I discovered the vanilla pods from Zazouemporium realising now what the best on the market is. The fragrance, texture and outstanding cooking aroma that differs between each variation of pod is incomparable to any others I have tasted. The knowledge and understanding that the team have is impeccable, focusing on the key factors of each vanilla and its origin to provide the customer with the extensive information. My favourite would be the Ugandan vanilla for working with chocolate due to its rich and creamy finish. And for fruit based desserts and confectionary it would have to be the Madagascan vanilla showcasing the deep aroma and subtle sweetness on the finish. I am very excited looking forward to working with the team, continuing to use these incredible products and further developing my own knowledge on vanilla! For all your vanilla needs there is nowhere else I would recommend."

Claude LaMarche, Executive Pastry Chef, Arts Club

"Zazou Emporium is not only a supplier. Vince came and introduce to me some amazing vanilla from Madagascar. The test aroma and quality were out of this world.
Also that no one could match prices like Vince and since that time we are collaborating together and bring a friendly relations ship as sharing knowledge.
Vince thank you for your support and more your friendship and my dream is to go to visit a plantation of vanilla I hope that dream will come true.
In French, we say, impossible is not French, everything is possible"

Claude LaMarche
Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson, Head chef at Wilson Vale Catering

"Vince & Harry provide sensational vanilla. Being ethically sourced, hand picked and treated with love and care you really understand the lengths the guys go too, to get the best. Being able to have the opportunity to choose varieties of vanilla to cook with is excellent, as a chef the quality of ingredients and produce is paramount to reaching the best in what I do. If you want exceptional vanilla Zazou certainly has it!"

Regis Beauregard, Head Pastry Chef at Balthazar

"It is really great in this day and age to deal with a supplier who is always at the end of the telephone. Vince delivers to the restaurant himself the highest quality Vanilla from various origins at a great price"

Regis Beauregard