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Here at Zazou Emporium we offer our Vanilla products in a range of formats, strengths and concentrations. We have the ability to do large volumes and therefore can cater to the food manufacturing and wholesale market.
Our amazing and sustainable Gourmet Vanilla is being used in a wide range of large scale operations, including Ice Cream, Bakery, Dessert and Chocolate.
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Premium Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans 18cm

We are part of a sustainable collective that supports 7000 farmers and their families on the Island of Madagascar. It is one of the only sustainable and fully traceable supply chains.

The collective has been operating for 10 years and has set up an incredible education and healthcare initiative. Through supporting the well-being and livelihood of the farmers, leads to the finest quality Vanilla. A high moisture content, 17-19cm long, rich and creamy Vanilla.

Available in: 100g/250g
Larger pack sizes available.

paste (2)

We offer 2 varieties of Vanilla Paste. Our single fold Pure Madagascar Paste is a combination of extract and vanilla seeds made from the very same sustainable Vanilla as mentioned above. This paste will help your applications look, feel and taste different from the rest. Perfect for large scale application in Ice Cream, Yoghurt, Cake Batter, Pastry Dough, Icings and Fillings.

Our second Variety is a more viscous form, combining Vanilla Beans, Powder and Seeds. Guaranteed low dosage and sweetness for your application.

Available in: 310g/ 500g/ 1kg/ 5kg/ 10kg/ 120kg Open top Barrel 


Our Vanilla Extract is made in a state of the art facility in Madagascar. We have a variety of concentrations and formats available. 1 teaspoon of Double Fold Extract is equivalent to one Vanilla Bean.
Single Fold, Double Fold, 3 Fold and 5 Fold.

Available in: 1 litre/ 5 litre/ 18litre Jerri-cans


Vanilla Pearls

Also known as Vanilla Caviar. This is a combination of Vanilla Seeds (freshly scraped pods) plus natural vanilla concentrate, creating an incredibly intense flavour! A little goes a long way 1.5 to 2g needed for 1kg of preparation. An incredible and cost effective way to flavour your products.

Available in 100g/ 1kg


Vanilla Powder

For preparation that requires dry Vanilla, we have a Premium Vanilla Powder and a Gourmet Vanilla Powder. Our premium Powder is made using 100% Pure Madagascar Vanilla Beans that are brought down to 0% humidity and ground into a fine powder.

Our Gourmet goes through exactly the same process however it is a blend of Madagascar and Indonesian Vanilla making it more cost effective.